Stand Out Among the Crowd With Car Graphics

When it’s time to sweeten up your ride and stand out among the crowd, nothing individualizes a car like custom car decals. Whether you prefer the simplicity of stripes or a complete custom wrap, the graphics can be as straightforward or as complex as you like. If you’re looking to drop that stock paint job and create a stir the next time you hit the streets, then read on.

Body graphic kits are probably the most cost effective way to beautify your vehicle. With the technology available for printing on vinyl, custom graphics can be individualized to the point where a custom car decal shop can take your own personal design and apply it to any part of your car. These custom car graphics can be created to fit anywhere on a vehicle, from the hood to the rear spoiler and everywhere in-between. Graphics of this nature can even be “wrapped” around an entire vehicle creating the illusion of a complete custom paint job.

Compared to a custom paint job, car decals are relatively inexpensive and require less time to apply. A highly detailed complete custom wrap generally costs just under $3000 for an average sized vehicle. A custom paint job utilizing the exact same design would cost well over $15,000.

There are also many benefits to having custom car decals and graphics applied to your vehicle. The most obvious is beautification. A car decked out with gorgeous custom graphics turns heads wherever it shows up. Individualization is another benefit. Imagine showing up to a car show in a vehicle that has your own personal touch. Everyone knows who owns the car just by looking at it. Safety is another key benefit of custom graphics. Reflective vinyl lettering or graphics could save your life by helping to diminish the chances of a crash at night. If you own a business, one final benefit of having custom graphics created for your vehicle is self-promotion. Since custom decals can be created using nearly any type of graphic, they are the perfect medium for your logo or brand name.

Graphic Design – Training Courses and Degrees Online

The use of graphic design can be seen in movies, websites, advertisements, animations, and more. Students with a flare for creativity and drawing can complete an online program in and enter a technology driven industry. Training courses cover many visual and technical components that are offered in numerous educational programs.

The field covers many areas relevant to the creation of graphics used for the design of multimedia components. Due to the many career options that can be entered students often pursue a general degree to gain a solid understanding of the entire field. This path is often referred to as graphic design or visual communications. Students that want to work with digital design and animation can pursue a degree. Online education incorporates key elements needed to successfully design graphics. Students work through many courses that are integrated into different learning opportunities.

Courses that students take online could include some of the following:

*Intro to Graphic Design

The industry is explored so students understand the specialized areas of design. Students learn by understanding what digital design, and animation is and how they apply to the industry.


Students examine typographic design by learning the evolution of the alphabet and letterform design. The type families and how to incorporate them into a design will be examined. Other online course topics cover how to apply graphic design elements into typographic elements.

*Layout Design

The essentials of layout design are covered and students learn to use the industry’s computer software. This includes working with JavaScript, InDesign, Photoshop, and HTML coding.

Students pursuing online education have a variety of options to choose from. Enrolling in an accredited online program can be completed at the undergraduate and graduate degree level. Courses like these can be taken at any level; some schools utilize basic concepts and others include advanced techniques.

Certificate programs are short and concentrated and typically only provide students with education that pertains to this field. Entry-level and assistant designer positions can be entered after students complete schooling based on color theory, image manipulation, and graphic symbolism. An associate degree program covers foundational areas in desktop publishing, 3-D design, drawing, photography, and more to prepare students to become lower level graphic designers.

A bachelor’s degree is the most completed program because if gives students high career marketability upon completion of a program. In a general program student’s learn how to convey messages online, in film, and in print media. Graduate degree programs online are offered at the master’s degree level. Education centers on advanced concepts in illustration, drawing, business management, and ad design. Students that earn a master’s degree are able to attain top-level positions inside their career.

The curriculum covered within an accredited online program prepares students for the work environment. Fully accredited programs can give students the quality education they deserve. Accreditation is provided by agencies like the National Association of Schools of Art and Design ( Students can enter a career by studying the industry’s procedures and technological aspects by completing a distance learning program.

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Graphic Design Outsourcing

Graphic design outsourcing helps in obtaining good graphic designs at affordable rates and in a timely manner. Companies with a strong marketing background are an added advantage for graphic designers. This fact holds true for all mediums of promotion and sales.

Firms that are among the best graphic design companies would primarily analyze details about your company, like the marketing channels, the competitors, target customers, etc. These companies offer graphic design outsourcing services for websites and also printed mediums. You can request to see their graphic design portfolio to see the range of work they have successfully completed.

Graphic design outsourcing is a far cheaper option in comparison to appointing a staff for graphic designing. The number of people preferring outsourcing for their web projects is increasing. These graphic design companies are far more specialized in their respective fields and have expertise in handling online projects.

Look out for any discount schemes or promotional offers by these companies. They typically charge a fixed amount of fees for certain time duration or for an overall project.

The reasons for outsourcing differ from company to company. Some might opt for it as they don’t have the required qualifications and resources. Some need additional time for business core issues, whereas some people might be short of time and so on. Outsourcing helps in focusing on other business goals. Think about the benefit that outsourcing would free you from the stress of creating appropriate designs and logos for your company. Apart from qualified professionals handling your graphic design project, they even give you the choice of selecting the logo from many options designed by them.

The chances of getting the maximum ROI can be expected with outsourcing. For a premium, you can even hire a graphic designer to work exclusively on your project on a part-time or full-time basis as needed. If you want to make any changes in existing designs, it becomes easy and can be done in less time.

Imagine if you have to complete all the small changes in your graphic design on your own. Firstly you have to install new software which would cost you hundreds of dollars. Then you’d have to learn how to use it, thus costing you time as well as energy. These shortcomings are overcome by graphic design outsourcing. It’s worth a try for any project, large or small.

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