How to Brief the Graphic Designer

With any project, communication is the key element. In graphic design, it is no different. The designer needs to clearly understand the design agenda and have a determination to meet those standards and goals. This may sound easy but understanding what someone else is seeing is not an easy task. What he or she sees may or may not be conveyed correctly. Sharing information is vital at this stage. Being open and honest is an important element. The success of the project depends on this.

Who’s the Audience?

What is the group we are trying to reach with this design? This is important because the age or gender of an audience makes a big difference on how the design is laid out.

Graphic designs are aimed at specific audiences. Graphic artist typically understand basic information about how people look at things differently. Colours are viewed differently by different genders, etc.

Knowing the audience is paramount to a successful campaign. The mission of the message can be derailed if there is not a clear understanding of the audience. Even the paper it is printed on can reach different genders and different ethnic groups. Also, the approach for a conservative and liberal is much different. When looking at the demographics of your audience, be sure to brainstorm with others.

First: Age
Second: Gender
Third: Geographic Location
Fourth: Economic status
Fifth: Religion

These are important factors in knowing your audience. This information will assist you in targeting the needs of your audience. When they have their needs met they view the information as valuable.

What’s The Point?

Everything should have a point. If there is no point there is no point in creating the design.

When we know what the message is then everything else will fall into place. If the point is to thank the employees for their loyal service or if it is to motivate them to sign up for new training, either way the point drives the graphic design. When the point is determined then the direction is known. When the direction is known then the scenery (graphics) will fall into place.

There are different moods for different objectives. Mood drives graphics. Graphics tap into our inner self and connect the visual, with the emotional side to produce the desired action. The designer will be able to tap into his or her creative side and evoke emotion that will convey the message and drive the desired results.

Designers will need from you, the author, powerful keywords. Keywords will drive the design. These words are what gives the graphics power. Examples of keywords are:

Excitement, Innovative, Forward Thinking, Development, Growth

As you can see these are action words. When you read them you can see and even feel excitement and action happening.

Specs For The Artwork

When doing graphics there needs to be clear communication about what the specs are for the artwork. This should be determined early on in the process so the designer can know how he or she will approach the project. It could affect the time and cost involved during the project development and eventually in the final cost of printed materials.

It is essential at the onset of the project that the specifications needed for graphics and artwork are stated up-front. If there are changes to the specifications it can alter the final cost, and in some cases that can be a significant adjustment. If the project is working on a limited budget, this could cause some significant delay, if in nothing else, in mere added delays to the project. Clearly laying out the specifications from the designer pathway to the printer is of vital importance.

Here are some specifications that need to be discussed:

1. Size or design (A5) / dimensions
2. The number of pages needed
3. Spot or 4-color Printing / Black & White
4. Number of folds needed (folded business cards)


Do you have a budget for the project? Is it set and rigid or is it negotiable?

Sometimes the designers get involved in the budget aspect of the project. This is because often they know what changes will affect the greatest change in cost. If you have hired a design agency they are typically involved in the project from start to finish, in everything from graphics to budget.

Typically if you give the agency or even an experience designer the budget requirement and the draft of the desired result, they can determine how best to achieve your project with the best use of resources. They will know where there needs to be restraints to hold the project within budget. This can also be beneficial for them to insure proper timeframes for completion to insure project completion on time and on budget.

Typically designers are given a project scope and then they provide a quote. This allows you to shop around for other quotes to see if you can locate another bid that will complete the project for less. This approach allows you to determine if you have a Cadillac idea with a Chevy budget. You can discuss with each the ways to either pair down or beef up your design costs.

It is advisable to get a few design quotes for a project before the final budget is approved. This will significantly reduce the gap between what you want and what you have as a budget.


If your project has a drop-dead deadline this needs to be conveyed as early as possible in the planning stage. This will give the designer or agency a specific timeframe for completion. This will assist them in knowing if they can even take on your project. They may have other projects that would conflict with yours in the realm of manpower etc. They need this information at the initial meeting.

When the deadline is discussed the timeline needs to be discussed. There is the completion date and there needs to be a printing date discussed allowing enough time for the printing to be completed before the final deadline. Provide the designer with all these dates. They will then be able to manage the project effectively. There are typically draft reviews that give you the progress and the input to make changes along the way.

There must be a set deadline. If there is no deadline the designer will be working on a nebulous deadline, which is essentially, no deadline and no direction. Remember, no direction is a map to disaster. There needs to be an agreement by both you and the designer for timescales, even before the project is started.

Your Input

This is your project so you should give your input. Your ideas are important. Remember the designer is there to take your ideas and put then into a real form. If you wish to give your design ideas, that is acceptable. The designer will steer you in the right direction if it is off in any way. Your input might be the very thought that takes this project exactly where you wanted it.

Remember, this is your project and your business. You understand more about not only your business but also the industry that you are involved in, than the designer. They are excellent at what they do; however, they are not looking at this project from your head. You have ideas that he has not seen or considered. Share them.

Also, the designer may create a design that is not the image you want for your business. It may not be wrong, maybe just not your ‘taste’. That is OK. This is YOUR project, not really his. If you have some ideas for specific designs, let the designer know. He is doing the work but you will own it. If you do not give your input you are wasting both time and money because this will be the designers project and not yours. So, speak up and give your input.

Some of the design cues that are need are:

1. Colour
2. Typefaces
3. Artwork or designs
4. Websites
5. Specific Elements of Websites

Company Branding

It is important to communicate with the designer your company branding limitations and needs. The company branding is important to discuss so your graphics can remain consistent and not infringe on any one else.

The company brand, which generally is a logo and a specific colour or colours of either the logo and or text associated with the logo. If your organization has a corporate identity booklet or ebook, this should be shared with your designer.

The design process has many steps and stages. It is imperative that communication be open and ideas given freely during each stage. With open communication and careful planning the graphic design process for your next project can be a smooth and successful.

Graphic Freelance

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Spruce Up Any Car With Car Graphics

In today’s world it is all about having the newest and best. No one wants to blend in with the crowd and have the same thing. Standing out and being your own person has become the new goals of people all over the world. If you are like most people, you are always looking to make what you have seen better or make it personal. One of the ways that you can do this in a big way is with car graphics.

Car graphics have generally been reserved for business owners who are trying to get the name of their business out there. It’s great advertising for them because everyone likes to look at a car that has writing or pictures all over it, rather than the standard paint jobs we see every day. Using the same ideas as business owners have, you could completely personalize your car. You can take it as far as you want to also, it’s totally up to you. If you just want a smaller image on the hood or door of your car, that is your call. If you want to completely cover your car with a full body wrap, you can do that too. The power is completely in your hands.

The first step in doing this is to find, create or select the car graphics that you feel with make people know that it is your car. Not just that you drive the car, but that is personally yours and it says something about who you are. These images can be literally anything you want (law obviously limit some images and phrase) and anything you can dream up. If you have a few ideas, but don’t know how to apply it to your car, visit the local auto graphics shop and see if you can talk with someone there. Normally these shops are full of great artists and designers that can take your design and literally transform your car into something great.

Once you have selected the car graphics you are planning on applying to your vehicle, it’s simply a waiting game. It normally only takes seven to ten business days for the graphics to be completed and then an additional day for them to apply the graphic to your car. This means, start to finish, you can have your car looking the way that you want it to in less than two weeks.

Some of the great things about these types of car graphics is that they are exciting, flashy, and temporary. In a couple of years when you life changes, the graphics may not match who you are anymore, and that’s okay. The graphics actually come off of the car easier than they went on, so you will never be stuck with a picture that you thought was awesome a few years ago, but not so much anymore.

It isn’t a tattoo for your car. However, if you end up with a design that you love and never plan to remove, you can do that too. The standard time a car graphic like this will last, depending on weather conditions in your area, is about seven years. This means that for nearly a decade you can have your car looking stylish and flashy, catching glances, honks and waves nearly everywhere you go. If after seven years you aren’t ready to give that up, simply return to your graphics shop and have them make you another wrap.

These car graphics have truly revolutionized advertising for companies, let them revolutionize your life too. Your car is yours, let everyone you pass on the road know it.