AMD 780G Chipset With ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology

The AMD 780G Chipset with ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology is a quantum leap forward in PC based graphics. For the first time, AMD combines its ATI Radeon graphics with the superb Microsoft DirectX10 capability. This new hybrid chipset delivers a High-Def experience at a great price point.

The AMD 780G Chipset creates a great gaming experience on the PC without the need for additional graphics cards and upgrades. This chipset will allow the user to hook up their PC to any High-Def TV panel without extra cost for a unique gaming experience at amazing speeds and clarity.

This new Chipset technology far exceeds previous entries into gaming graphics, including the Intel Chipsets. Not only is it quieter and faster, but it is a much better value. And with its energy efficiency, it powers your PC with optimal power and performance without sacrificing the environment, making it a truly green PC.

The AMD 780G integrated technology is loaded with 205 million transistors, combining ATI Hybrid Graphics and ATI PowerPlay technology into a single PCI-E x16 slot. This is the first time a complete graphics processing unit has been integrated into a single chipset, giving unprecedented gaming and graphics performance. However, they went a step further by adding the Hybrid Graphics Technology, giving amazing 3D and HD output and performance to any screen attached to the PC.

For the serious gamer, looking for power and performance in an energy efficient and value priced chipset, one needs to look no further than the incredible new AMD 780G Chipset with ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology.