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Corel Draw is a vector illustration program to desktop publishing developed and marketed by Corel Corporation. Corel Corporation is abbreviation of Cowplan Research Laboratory and deals graphic processing software. Michael Cowpland the founder of Corel Corporation developed Corel Draw software with the collaboration of two software engineers Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne in 1989. That was first version of Corel Draw and first graphics software for the windows platform. The company had a big success very soon by releasing this advanced technology graphic software. After the success of first version company introduced a series of upgraded versions. Up till now Corel Draw total sixteen versions have been introduced to the market and every next version introduced with new and enhanced features. Its latest version is CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 which is equivalent to 16 introduced on 20th March 2012.

CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 is very powerful and creative version ever launched by Corel Corporation. It is one of the complete graphic editor programs. CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 provides very easier way to create attractive graphics with a set of powerful illustration, drawing and editing software applications. CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 is not only faster to the market but it is also very easy to use. Moreover it helps to brings bright ideas to create attractive vector graphics. Whether you are an expert graphic designer or an artist who wish to achieve distinction or advancement in your work, CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 is the right solution for everyone to achieve desired results. Means you have everything you need to express your innovative ideas and designing skills with endless option.This is sixteenth addition of Corel Draw software series and primarily consists following some new and enhanced applications.

  • CorelDRAW X6

This application is directly and instinctively known for vector illustration and page-layout application.

  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6

This is Images editing application to get attractive and desire look for professional designers.

  • Corel PowerTRACE X6

This is great application for accurate tracing bitmap images and converts into editable vector graphics.

  • Corel Website Creator X6

This is new included application in suite to possessing the strength and ability to create professional website templates.

  • Corel CAPTURE X6

This is an easy capture tool (just simple one-click screen capture utility).

  • Corel CONNECT X6

This is easy and quickly content finder tool.

  • Photozoom Pro 2

This is very useful plug-in (PHOTO-PAINT) to extend the digital images.

  • ConceptShare

This is great tool to interactive online working together with one or more people in order to achieve something better.

Corel Draw Graphic Suite X6 is directly known to evoke the feelings of creativity that forced to collide with every challenge of graphic designs. When we create something to evoke emotions and excitements then we want the world (especially experts and competitors) see our creations. CorelDRAW latest suite pack is one of the best graphic design programs that help to create innovative graphics in an organized and accurate way. It is truly professional software applications suite pack to cover the all types of workflow that are commonly used in graphic creating and editing.

How to Become a Graphic Artist

Ever looked at a colorful marketing brochure or a website and thought of different ways you would design it if given a chance? Often find yourself marveling at the originality of an artwork on a book cover? Every time graphics roll on the evening news, do you wonder if there was a way to do it better? If your answer to the above questions is yes and you have an undying thirst for creativity, then you probably are a prime candidate for becoming a graphic artist.

Becoming a graphic designer involves as much hard work and commitment as it does flair and creativity. Your talent needs to be nurtured appropriately, and your creativity channelized in the right direction if you want to make a serious career out of graphic arts. And one way to do this is through sound training and a relevant education in the field. But before we get down on the nitty-gritty of how to become a graphic artist, let’s take a closer look at what graphic artists do.

Simply put, graphic designers create visual communication of an idea or a message. They use a variety of materials such as images, sound, illustrations, animation, type, and color to create visual solutions. They work in industries ranging from films, television, and publishing to advertising, gaming and fashion.

Getting Education

So, how does one go about becoming a graphic designer? The first step is to find your way to a college or university that offers a graphic arts degree. There will be many people who will try to argue you out of enrolling for a college degree. Some believe that there is no point spending hard earned (or borrowed) dollars on something that you can teach yourself, while others will insist that a portfolio is all that matters to make it as a graphic designer.

Admittedly, portfolios creation and online tutorials are crucial part of your training. But equally important is a solid education that only a graphic design program can provide.

Not only is a college degree essential to build a strong foundation in the field, but it is also the minimum credential that employers nowadays ask for when conducting job interviews. A graphic arts degree is also necessary if you want to mature into more senior roles and aspire to lead a creative team of an organization at some point in your career.

The good thing is that you can choose between a basic two-year Associate’s degree in Graphic Arts and a more advanced and in-depth Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts, depending on your career and educational goals.

For folks who are making a mid-to late-career shift to graphic design or who find a college education completely out of their reach, there are a range of professional certificate programs and diplomas that they can complete.

Gaining Experience

But an education is just the starting point of your training to become a graphic designer. It’s important to work on creating an impressive portfolio of work while your education continues as that’s something your prospective employers could use to gauge the level of your talent and experience.

There are several ways of creating a portfolio. You can take up projects and assignments on a freelance or consultative basis. Remember, no task is too small when you’re looking to get your hands dirty in the field, so lap up whatever comes your way. You can also get an internship with a graphic design firm and gain some first-hand experience of working in a professional environment. This experience will be extremely valuable when you start your first job as a graphic designer.

Since technology is constantly evolving and graphic designers depend on a variety of software applications to complete their day-to-day job, it is important you stay abreast of the changes in technology and constantly upgrade your skills through self-learning if you want to remain employable.

Graphic Design Online – The Educational Demands

The diverse field of graphic design provides a wide range of career opportunities to the educated artist. Many online schools offer degree and certificate programs for graphic design that will have students using artistic procedures to create different forms of visual communication and presentation.

Individuals who are comfortable with computers and love to draw might find their passion within this degree distinction. Students will work with electronic media, film, and print to gain the skills needed to complete their prospective job responsibilities. Graphic designers have a wide range of job activities that include creating business logos, layout and design of newspapers, magazines, brochures for marketing purposes, Internet graphics, advertising, and much more.

Individuals have a couple of degree options to ponder before choosing which school to attend. Most online schools for this area of education offer an associate and bachelor degree in graphic design. Certification can also be earned from a number of other online institutions. The degree distinction chosen will determine how long a program is and what courses are required. For example, certificate programs will vary in length depending on what skill an individual is trying to obtain. However, it is common for an individual to complete a certificate program faster than an associate degree program. A certificate program usually requires around 60 to 80 credit hours and can take as little as six months to complete. A certificate is awarded once a student has passed an exam or reached a certain level of knowledge.

Some Associate of Science degree programs in graphic design may require students to complete approximately 90 credit hours. Credit hours can be higher depending on the school. If enrolled in a 90 credit hour program a student will on average take 15 to 16 credit hours per semester. The program may include a course on corporate design, which would include topics on trademarks, branding, online presence design, and logo design. This course is essential for the individual who wants to work for a business or corporation as a member of their graphic design team.

An online bachelor program typically requires a student to complete around 180 credit hours. The credit hours will be broken down into different computer program courses, techniques, and more. Courses may include web design, which will prepare students to use graphic design online. This type of course would teach students design principles for screen layouts, interactive interfaces for web sites, graphics, and more. Students would learn the basics for standard design programs.

Most associate and bachelor degree programs require students to have a high school diploma or the equivalent prior to admission into the program. Prospective students may also be required to take an online orientation course. This course allows students to become familiar with online procedures and prepares them to be active learners through their online studies.

Graphic designers are always needed in advertising, publishing, and design firms. With a positive employment outlook and the increasing number of accredited training programs available online, gaining an education is easier than ever. Search for an online graphic design program that provides the education you need and start your career in design today.

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